"Ms. Raisa Shapiro has graduated some very fine students who have gone on to study professionally, and in addition she has worked 'miracles' with some students whose voices hardly seemed promising at all when they arrived here as freshmen.

Ms. Shapiro is methodical, disciplined and totally dedicated to her students. Over the years she has helped to build the voice department from nothing into a growing part of music at Boston College.

I recommend Raisa Shapiro very highly as a teacher and a colleague. we are fortunate to have her on our staff.

T. Frank Kennedy, S.J., associate professor and chair  at Boston College



 "I began taking lessons with Raisa in college, and from the beginning, I understood that Raisa's approach was to aim toward perfecting the basic foundations of singing - relaxing and opening the body, developing focus and coordination, learning to sing in a healthy way. This required a great deal of effort, practice, and precision, and I needed to unlearn much of what I had been previously taught about singing. I felt frustrated and impatient, like I couldn't do what was asked of me.

    After school, I moved to New York City and studied with several highly regarded voice teachers. The lessons were easier and less demanding, and that was a relief in some way.  But I knew that some of the techniques I was learning were not healthy, and after two years, I almost lost my voice. Once I moved back to Boston, Raisa worked hard with me to help me fully recover and restore my voice. Since then, I have so much gratitude for her effort and method of teaching, because I know from experience that she is so unique. I am confident that I can place my trust in her, because she insists that I sing only in a way that will keep my vocal chords healthy and growing stronger.  I have come to appreciate and even enjoy her corrections and guidance! I have been studying with Raisa now for almost 15 years, and still, at every lesson, I discover something something new, or understand something on a deeper level.

    I believe that if you are lucky, you have the good fortune of meeting the one voice teacher like Raisa who touches your life, and who helps you become the best singer and person you can be. Raisa will do everything she can to help you grow and succeed - and if you work hard too, she can work miracles!"

Cantor  Sarra Spirer,  Raisa's student of 15 years



"Raisa Shapiro is the best voice teacher I have ever had. She has a unique approached based on yoga and natural breathing that will keep one's voice healthy. Raisa is also a very caring person."

                                                                     Oksana Chapman, Rabbi/ Cantor/ Chaplain Temple Emmanuel, Chelsea/ Hebrew Senior Life, Roslindale